Silently Killing Myself In My Mind

I recently obtained a copy of Mark Knopfler’s album Shangri-La which is rather good. I like the song “Boom! Like That” but the other tuens are fairly memorable. After all this trouble I am still deciding wether or not I like this new setup for my website.

Our puppy Kiko is turning out to be a bigger responsibility than two people living in a small apartment are willing to grasp right now. I suppose in a way my wife needed to learn that for herself (yes, I didn’t really want a dog in the first place) so she is looking for a new home for the canine friend.

Its Sunday and work was empty. I came in to work a few hours and make up some lost time I missed Wednesday. My Perl learning has slowed down a bit. We are switching servers here at work and a lot of preparation and testing has to be done so I and the others who mentor me don’t have a lot of time on our hands.

I mentioned this before (I think) but I finally canceled one of my EverQuest 2 accounts. It was liberating. I have so much to do producing records, writing music and recording, playing piano, webs development, reading and just enjoying real life that building a charecter virtually seemed wasteful. Its hard to balance because I still play games but at least I am not paying for them monthly. Ugh, tough choice but it is done.

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