Okay, no I am not really hot on signatures as far as e-mails go or even in forums. Lately, I have gotten fairly involved with Day of Defeat and the Source engine Beta and so I caruse the forums a bit. I see a lot of crap sigs, amazing sigs and then the “blah” ones. So, taking my modest Photoshop skills, I present to you my sig:

Yes, my online handle when I play games is always Mean Mr. Mustard unless its role playing… then its Creswell.

I am staying late at work to make up lost time from yesterday. Have seen several movies lately that I should mention. “Ghost in the Shell: 2″ was interesting. It was dissapointing actually in that it really didn’t introduce anything new. More rants about reality, purpose and soul. The updated CGI graphics to some of the scenes are good to see and some extra details in some of the charecters also were a plus. I think it may be worth matinee prices though if you really enjoyed the first one but I personally give it rental status. “Kaera: The Prophecy” was in my opinion great. This feature was completely CGI like Final Fantasy. It was worth full price at a theatre for the stunning visuals but its not nesseasrily a flick I would have to own. The concept was unique, the voiceactiving and visual awesome, the whole experience was refreshing. Frank Miller’s “Sin City” was also very well done. I think that this was a great rendition of the comic book to movie scene. Some, if not most scenes are beatuifully remisisant of a comic book with stark contrasts and noticable exagerations in details. Definately worth the full price. It is a tad disturbing in places.

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