Short Weekend

Yes, it was a short weekend. I came back to work Friday night and stayed until midnight. I wish it were overtime but I actually needed to make up a few hours from the week. I have been leaving early lately. Its not a problem because I get everything done but I still need a full paycheck and there were some extra tasks for me to complete.

I would like to start playing my piano again. It has been a while and I have forgotten a lot of the music I once knew. I haven’t learned anything new now for years. Wow, years. What a long time it feels like.

I played some more Everquest 2. I sold a bunch of items and have some good change in game. I like grouping up but honestly running around solo has its rewards.

Christmas is going to be poor this year. I don’t have a lot of extra. Its actually sad because that is how it turns out every year. I don’t even know where I am going to stay. Maybe my parents. It makes me sad at times but I will get over it.

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