I decided to cancel my other EQ2 subscription too. I just saved $30 a month. Yay! Its liberating. It was a really fun game. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get into something like that.

I am waiting for cerebral implants and intravenous feeding and hydration to create the ultimate gaming experience where you can lose yourself in a virtual world for extended periods of time. Scary thought. I am sure its on its way though.

My co-worker hasn’t shown up to work on time again. Its frustrating and sad. Its normal to not see them for a few days. “I’m sick.” “I’ve got a migraine.” “My [blank] died.” “I need to take care of [blank].” You see, although my job isn’t my career or anything, I appreciate it for what it is: a means to live. Sometimes people don’t know what they have. The popular phrase “the grass is greener on the other side” comes to mind. I myself have been through many different jobs and this is awesome in comparison to others I’ve had in the past. It just gets annoying when people don’t know what hard work is and bitch about how hard something relatively easy is. Sitting on my ass in front of a computer may be boring, but it pays the bills and I am not sweating on some field pulling weeds or flipping burgers in some grease bar.

Of course, I encourage anyone to find this out for themselves. I think its fair to say that everyone has to go out and try new things and stuff. If I had to deal with customers as before, I too would have probably left. Customer service is the lowest form of servitude I have experienced. Its voluntary torture. Calls centers, restaurants, sales, checkout clerks, and whatever else that requires servant to payee interaction is terrible. There are exceptions and I am sure some people get a kick out of this but in my honest opinion, these are really the worst. Taking that phone call in a call center is like playing Russian Roulette. You never know who the next caller is going to be. Its going to be either a pleasant, yes sir and yes ma’am or a f%*k you, I pay your wages, give me some %*d damned service! It goes the same for any customer service related position. The levels of stress ascoiated with this position are unfair. Customer Service should be a required high school class so that everyone, even the sons and daughters of rich parents attending a private school, knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end.

Maybe I and the others like me that feel about customer service are unique. Or perhaps my attitude towards customer service is the way my co-worker feels about this database management job. Maybe I am a sadist and enjoy the pain of sitting in front of a computer for hours. Maybe the constant flow of numbers and letters across the screen is the flogging of a dominatrix. A painful pleasure. Maybe I am the one that’s sick and wrong.

I suppose we are all unique. That’s good. But I still hate customer service.

While typing this, my co-worker has called my boss (who is a real softy and has a hard time with discipline) and told my boss that they slept in, will take a shower and see how they feel. (ie: not gonna make it in) The irony!

(11:33:11) Co-Worker: hey is our boss in a meeting?
(11:33:20) Me: no he’s right here…
(11:33:45) Co-Worker: ok, cuz when i called it sounded like he might have been
(11:33:57) Me: he was on a call…. try again
(11:34:05) Co-Worker: oh not just
(11:34:12) Co-Worker: when i called like 30 min ago
(11:34:36) Me: hmmm he was messing around with his phone for like the last hour… people calling and stuff because of the server move.
(11:34:38) Me: try now.
(11:34:48) Me: he’s yelling at his monitor right now.
(11:35:40) Co-Worker: k. well i have to get off here to call him, and im running a scan so can u just tell him, i feel like crap and am stayin in for another day
(11:35:49) Me: ooook
(11:35:54) Co-Worker: (allergies/cold thing is seriously kickin my ass)
(11:35:57) Me: see ya
(11:36:16) Me: hope you feel better
(11:36:18) Co-Worker: uh ok
(11:36:24) Me: ?
(11:36:31) Co-Worker: bye, sorry :-(
(11:36:34) Co-Worker: and thanks
(11:36:39) Me: its ok. take it easy

So there you have it. Co-worker out since Wednesday. It happens every other week or so. In their defense, our work is pretty boring. Moving on…

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