Possible Computer Death

Well today I turned on my main machine and there are vericle lines running all accross the screen. I need to open the case and make sure all the heatsinks and fans are clear of dust but this scares me and I want to avoid a possible computer death.

My other machine, the one used for FTP, is going right along. I did an update and had to restart but since there is no keyboard I haven’t fixed the BIOS (if I can even do this) to ignore missing keyboards. We’ll see. I am a little paranoid about the 11 or so FTP connections I get a day. I wonder if these are sniffers to attempt connects or what. I have nothing on the FTP machine of value but I still want to maintain the proper security and not jeopardize the res tof my network.

I didn’t have a lot of time to myself last night. I got home late because of the project my boss and I did. I am currently playing Patrician 3 and Counter-Strike: Source. Mostly the CS because its easy and quick to get into.

I have had a strange revival of my industrial music interests. I have been listening to Rant Radio which has a good mix of techno industrial music and I mentioned Hanzel und Gretyl yesterday but I have really grown fond of their energetic sound. Its similar to Genitorturer’s Machine Love album.

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