Playing Games

Yes, I have been playing games. I stayed up late playing Everquest 2 and leveled my main character Creswell to level 16 before quitting. I have been trying to sell off all the stuff that the things I kill keep dropping but the market seems unpredictable and hard to follow.

Its been raining a lot lately. I suppose that’s normal for this area but its depressing and the roads get pretty dangerous with the stupid people driving out there. I am staying late tonight. I need to work a 10 hour shift to make up the time I missed over the last 2 weeks. It makes me mad because we need the money but I don’t want to stay the extra 4 hours.

I still need to fix up the site when I get a chance. Tomorrow is Saturday and I am off so I will be cleaning the house, working on a website that I have been asked to fix and work on my own. I want to add more content to the Otocan portion of the site but its an uphill battle of balance between making a gallery I enjoy flipping through, some information and content, and functionality.

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