New Movie

My wife and I drove around last night. It was good to spend that time together. We also watched a movie called “Napoleon Dynamite” which was funny… at times. The various funny moments definitely out weigh the dull but over all it was a memorable experience. I would say its a good rental for now but I will watch it again and see if I can be convinced to rate it a matinee experience.

And so in my artistic endeavors I have been jotting down lyrics. Its a bit of work. I enjoy it. Its like saying something but with formatting rules. Also, my good friend from Bellingham mentioned making movies. This is very intriguing. We used to make movies in high school about random things. Having fun doesn’t require a budget. As part of the development of the script, I propose we have a group effort. As a matter of fact, we should create a blog anyone can log into and add entries. We could blog a script! That would be amazing and a true collaborative effort. Hmm… the wheels are a spinnin’! Click on IndyFilmDev at the top!

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