More speed! More speed!

Okay so like I really am getting spoiled on internet speed. Until last week, I have enjoyed the usual 3 Mbps download and 25.6 Kbps upload speeds from my cable provider which is now 4 Mbps download and 38.4 Kbps upload because of general improvments to the entire system. But no, I am very satisfied with average so I had them upgrade me for a little more a month to 6Mbps download and an awesome 76.4 Kbps upload. It was amazing how quickly I upload and download now. I had no complaints before but my ping times all dropped and I can do more multitasking. Plus with me working on all those websites, double the up speed is very much worth it. For all the griping I have about Comcast and their cornering of the local broadband market, I must say I am pleased with their service. I am just looking forward to come competition to help lower prices or increase the value of the money I pay them every month.

Also, an interesting article about a potential increase in internet speeds is located here. The major internet communications giants are predicting a 1000% increase in broadband speeds by 2008. Its very exciting technology. Yes, a thousand percent.

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