Monday is the Worst Day

I had a good weekend as I predicted. My friends and I watched “Shaun of the Dead” which was well done. I have thought more about my movie rating system and I think that maybe instead of Bad, Okay and Recommended I should do Bad, Video While Doing Chores, Video, Matinee and Full Price. It breaks up the scale a little more.

We all went to the liquor store Saturday and the man behind the counter asked for our ID. We had no problem complying but he looked at my one friend and started berating him about his weight. This was amazing and at first I thought the guy was joking. In total shock we left the store without our liquor. We drove to another store a little ways away but its unknown to us why he denied us sale. I mean, we are all in our mid twenties and look like a bunch of yuppies, not some pot smokin’ thugs living on welfare.

Anyway, we enjoyed our night. It was good to see them again. Sunday we watched “Cube Cubed” which was okay. It explained a few things about the cube and where its from but it still leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Anyway, its a difficult day because its a Monday and I just don’t feel like being here. I planned on staying late to get some work done but now I feel that I should just go home at 5.

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