Merry Christmas

I haven’t had the time to even write in my blog its been so crazy the last few days. Its all the commitments I made for the holidays. It was a worthy year though. Not because I had fulfilled my greed or rampant avarice, but because it all went smoothly and was somewhat enjoyable.

I sold my second computer to my mother-in-law who is giving it to her degenerate son. Its really none of my business but the price was fair and I really want to build the other computer differently. I sold it at cost although I wish I had gotten a little for all the time I put into it. I spent Christmas Eve morning formatting and updating the system. That night I went to my folks’ home. My parents have this Polish-Catholic tradition of eating fish on this day. We had clam chowder, followed my breaded and fried cod with various fish appetizer. It was fishy. Then we opened presents and had time hanging out.

The next day my wife went to work (Christmas Day…. the capitalistic machine of commercial America shows its true face!) so my sister and I woke and went to my in-laws. We helped make dinner and prepare for the feast. It was ham, a bunch of appetizer, etc. We watched Troy and then we drove home.

We got some cool gifts this year but the coolest was seeing the families. Ham juice spilled in our car and makes it stink now. It also soaked into the liner of my jacket. I will have to deal with that soon.

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