Mac & PC

I would like to say I am neutral about the whole Mac versus PC subject. I have done some research and found that Macs have a marginal edge in graphics (60% of the time they are faster by seconds in certain renders while 40% beaten by a PC marginally). I am sure that that may translate into huge gaps in the world where the render maybe a cinamatic event but for the average Joe, this seems hardly worth all the inconvenience you have to go through to switch from a PC to a Mac.

Honestly, I am considering using one but I really don’t see any value to it. The OS seems nice and streamlined. It takes a lot of the guess work out of using a computer. It almost seems idiot proof. I don’t like that I suppose. What you are seeing here is a person torn between two systems. It comes down to the fact that I hate propriatary stuff. Buying a Mac seems like buying a GameCube. That’s all you get. You can only buy Mac stuff. The upgrades are over priced.

It seems that I have been arguing against them this whole time. My friend at work says that with a PC he was a game obessed sloth and that when he got a Mac he has become amazingly more productive. That is all I can think of that would sway me towards it.

Anyway, I have been playing Hearts of Iron 2 and its amazing. I am going to go jam with a fella from work. I need to grab my keyboard and amp and it’ll be fun.

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