Less Formality Please

In my endeavors to find more plug-ins and stuff to use for my slowly evolving home studio, I have found Sweetwater to be a great resource. I also get some good reviews from TraXmusic on a lot of this software. I am trying to decide between a hard drive (Seagate 300 GB), a microphone (Røde NT1-A), or headphones (Pioneer HDJ-1000) for the next upgrade to my studio. Humble beginnings I suppose. If I chose the mic I’d have to invest in a power mix board too. The choices, the choices!

My wife is having a hard time at work staying dedicated. The stress and long hours are taking a toll. I pray for her and will do whatever I can at home to alleviate her pains. I am beginning to feel she should find another place to work. Its a difficult choice.

The Day of Defeat: Source beta has commenced! I had an oppurtunity to play for a couple hours on Tuesday. It was everything I would hope it to be. There are some amazing new features and capabilities that the engine adds tot he game. I am particularly fond of the engine’s sound. Many things have yet to be done but has been done is impressive.

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