Late Replies

Well today has been a great day of late replies. My friend whom I was planning on seeing before he left back to his post in the military didn’t bother telling me, my other friend promised to hang out but sent an e-mail today saying he was busy moving and whatever. My ex-landlord replied to my request for the remainder of our deposit and says he sent us a letter explaining why we don’t deserve any of it back six months after we move out and after I had to send him a cerified letter. I personally think he wasn’t going to send it, got my letter, made up this story and thinks I will drop it. I don’t mind dropping it, I just wish it had all played out differently. I guess I learned from this never to rent from a private land lord without learning more about them.

Other than those issues, things are okay. I was really dragging my feet yesterday. Today I had a long lunch with a fella that quit. Interesting stuff. I met a gy today who I have been working with but we rarely ever really talked. I really hope to exchange more musical ideas. He has a home recording studio and plays ina couple bands. This my develop into more. We’ll see. I am putting together a demo disc of some of my ideas.

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