Late Night

I am sure “Late Night” will come up frequently but last night I watched a few episodes of Alias and then I played some Everquest 2. They had a huge outage so they gave everyone a 50% increase in XP gain for 48 hours and I wanted to take advantage of it. I am really more of a casual player so such a opportunity I made time for.

I have been playing a lot of Counter-Strike: Source lately. I am really just waiting for Day of Defeat: Source to come out but its been fun to play the game.

I am considering giving piano lessons. Its kind of scary. I will play it by ear (no pun intended) and see how it goes. I am hoping that by being immersed in the piano world again that I will be more apt in playing my music again. I want to write some more music both for piano and some more electronic stuff under the Otacon project. Hmm. Time will tell.

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