Jam Sessions

Music is a huge facet of my life. I love being involved in every aspect. Today will be another great day with a fella from work. We are going to jam. I am bringing over my keyboard and amp and he’s got his guitar and stuff. I would like to extend my own studio too. I don’t have a microphone yet but that is next on my list. I have been putting together some really cool tracks but I need to lock myself in front of my computer, put on my headphones and work. Resisting the devil and his games… is challenging.

Yeah, the keyboard… is crazy heavy. I almost broke my window because my amp hit it as I was turning. I guess being a “roadie” and owning a late model Ford Mustang don’t go hand in hand huh?

Miss Moneypenny, my cat, went in for a check up yesterday. She was limping on her right paw since she got declawed so I wanted to make sure she was alright. She may have had a small infection so we got some anti-biotics for her and she should be alright.

Which remind me, its time for me to get checked up. I need to get my glasses done, my teeth checked and start working out. I need to get a haircut. I will do that this weekend. I also need to take both cars in and get the oil changed. Its been more than 3,000 miles.

Which brings me to anothe topic. I hear the benefits of synthetic oil and how its worth the extra dollars but then I hear the opposit and that its benefits aren’t really worth it. I will have to do some research and find out the facts.

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