In The Name of Progress!

:D I have had some great progress building my site yet again. Yeah, so I am hopeless. But its exciting to apply things I have learned. Working with MySQL databases all day at work and seeing them implemented in PHP has been inspiring. So much actually that I created a MySQL database to hold all the music artists that I have heard and like on the radio that I like. It doesn’t include things I already have on CD.

First I had to format and enter everything into the database. So I created a table with id number, artist, title, album, genre and date. Then I formated my text file so it’d be easy to import. I used semi-colon seperated values. Here is one line:


Once I got that all imported correctly, I created the utility file that would connect to the database if called. I also created a non-writing username and password so if someone happened to catch it, they could delete or write into tables. Then I created a my HTML file. I made it so it felt and appeared like the rest of the site by pulling the CSS link into it, making the main table, and so on.

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