Good Weekend

Well this last weekend was good. I had my friend come over and we spent the weekend watching a few movies. We went and saw Ocean’s 12. It was okay. I mean, it was not as memorable as the first but it had its moments. We also had a good quantity of Guinness Extra Stout. That was nice. I woke up Sunday morning with a headache though. I forgot to drink the obligatory quart of water the night before.

I am still waiting for the game Hearts of Iron 2 to be available. It was icey this morning. I fishtailed few times. Fortunately other drivers weren’t crazy. Sometimes people are idiots. A co-worker of mine went to the Consumer Electronics convention in Las Vegas this weekend. I was amazed at the tales of progress he shared with me. nVidia has a dual flat panel monitor now that is capable of 3D display. Samsung dropped its 102 inch plat panel while others could only muster 72 inches of visual display glory. Thumb drives are also moving along. Its nice to hear about technology.

I plan on going next year.

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