Good show, chap, good show!

Okay, I have to boast. I have got a handle on PHP, the <div> tag, tables, and CSS becuase I was able to format those things and get this b2evolution blog to fit and resemble my site. Yeah, it took a couple weeks. I will try to make more improvements too but for now, it all seems fine. There are a couple formatting issues I have yet to resolve.

Here is an example of three of the 4 things I have worked on. First is the <div> tag and you see how it calls a class. That class is referenced in a style-sheet. The PHP code is a fancy way of calling data from somewhere else (usually a MySQL database). In this case, a HTML link will be placed into the quotes.

<div class="bSmallHead">
		<a href="<?php $Item->permalink() ?>"

Here is the corresponding CSS code for the class mentioned above:

.bSmallHead {
	font-size: 80%;
	color: #999;
	margin: 2ex 0 1ex 0;

Anyway, if anyone needs help with this stuff I can always help. Just e-mail me.

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