Good Show & Website Update

I stayed up late last night working on my website. I don’t like the Blogger page because it has the search and other links on top but I managed to mess with the colours enough to make it work. I guess the update was primarily done to accommodate the blog but I also made other improvements like the Otocan portion of my site. I made it a non-resizable popup window which looks really good and clean. I wanted to avoid having a full size rendition of it externally linkable and I wanted to avoid putting it into the white frame like page that this blog is set into. I also hope to make the page more navigation friendly by cleaning all the links and so on.

I have been trying to watch Alias a television show that I have been renting. It is a very smart show. Its hard for me to find new shows because I am too picky. I loved Firefly and continue to watch CSI. Anyway, I just got done watching season two of Alias last night. Very amazing plot twists and revelations keep me attached to the show but the fact that Jennifer Garner is very sexy is a very nice touch.

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