French Radio Stations

I am listening to Radio FG from Paris, France which is okay. They play techno, pop music, and rhythm and blues. Its funny listening to them do interviews because I have no idea what they are saying.

I figured out how to use XMMS to play streaming audio. I was using AmoraK but it seemed to not like all the streams. I got to plug into HHUK finally. I am sure I am driving everyone in the office nuts with my hard house techno. I need some headphones.

Yesterday I researched speakers for my Mustang because the factory speakers are either blown or sound like crap. Everyone sells their high end so its hard to pick what is best for my tastes. I listen to everything and although I love techno, I also like classical, rock, rap, pop, whatever. I always have been into the most accurate sound reproduction in my car. I will probably look around and see if there are any reviews on what I am looking at. I have gone with Boston Acoustics in the past. One vendor suggested Focal.

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