First Day Back

It was really hard to get up this morning. I had a really good New Year’s. My wife and I sat and watched a couple movies while enjoying some cheesecake. It was very relaxing. I just had 4 days off and am trying to get back into the swing of work. Staying up so late during the weekends now has left me tired.

I have to shave. I haven’t done so since Christmas day. I toar my face up with a disposable razor. I need either an electric razor or a straight razor to shave. Sounds strange but its true. I remember having blood stains in high school on my shirts.

I started a thirs character in Everquest 2. I now have Creswell my main guy who is a Paladin, a Cleric named Zdenka and my new Bard named Karlstein. It should be interesting.

Working this company, I often use several analogies. When in technical support “getting phone calls was liking playing Russian roulette” and now since I am in database managment, “its like a sinking ship and all the rats are scrambling to get off”. I have seen many people quit or get fired over the last year. Its weird but I still love my job and will continue working my best. Its unfortunate that a new member to the senior staff has been a completely rude and obnoxious person who goes around either threatening people with their jobs or refusing to allow pay increases. Many people leave for those two reasons. We had our IT manager quit today after a threat.

I am doing my best and trying to ignore the rumurs. I hope that I will gaint he experience here to eventually move on.

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