Do masochists enjoy headaches?

I have been at work and my head hurts. Its one of those temple headaches where it hurts to even have my eyes open. I had a few gulps of Pepsi a few days ago as a treat during my wife’s birthday. Am I suffering for it. While I am thinking of a title for my entry, I wonder, do masochists enjoy headaches? I can’t imagine they do.

I have messed around with a few new softwares. I was thinking of using a DHTML menu on top to help create more room in my menu but with frames things may be difficult. Also, I really like EastWest software for music creation. I think they are a subsidiary of Native Instruments. The EastWest Vapor Synth is amazing. I updated my start page and the links page.

Its a meager post. I am really out of it today. The weather is really nice though.

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