I wish that this had some direction. My blog seems more like an online journal of random things that happen everyday but I suppose that is ok. We jammed last night. It was really cool. I wasn’t very confident at first but as the night went on it got better. Its interesting to feel the apathy because although I want to impress upon whomever I jam with, I really don’t care and just want to have fun. Hence the apathy either way.

We had an interesting thread today happen in G-Mail with my co workers. Someone posted a very rightist set of comments made by Andy Rooney. First off, I have my doubts about the authenticity of these statements but whatever, everyone jumped on it. If he really made those comments, good for him. It was interesting how a few people agreed with it and then this fella replies with strong leftist beliefs. Now I am glad someone was able to say what they beleive and I don’t particularily believe everything “Rooney” said but for as much pouting the liberal made, his arguments were not convincing at all. Always erring to the emotionlist reasonings of the left, there is really no substance behind his arguments.

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