Diet o’ Doom: Day One

It was a great weekend. I spent it with my wife. We had a good time grocery shopping for our upcoming diet. I also found some DVD-R media for my new drive I got for my computer. They are pretty expensive. I remember the days of Yuri Gagarin and Sputnik when CD-R media was a buck or more a piece! The weather became damp and grey today.

I am really excited about the upcoming release of a movie. It was produced by the same fella that did Stalingrad. It is called Der Untergang (The Downfall) and it will be showing March 11th, 2005 only and will be available only in 2 theatres in the Seattle area in the whole of Washington State. Its a Friday and I think it will definately be worth it.

Today was day one of this Diet o’ Doom. Its focus is low salt, sugar, and fat along with excersize. Really, its the way I ate before I moved out. It will be a challenge. Splenda® is a wonderful thing. To give you an idea, here is the menu for today:


  • 3 egg whites with 1 cup vegies (tomato, mushroom, onion, & greenpeper) in an omelette.
  • 1 cup tea with lemon juice and articifial sweetner


  • 4 oz tuna mixed with 1 cup vegies (greenpeper and tomato)


  • 4 oz grilled chicken on 2 cups of rice


  • Half a grapefruit


  • 4 oz turkey or chicken breast with 2 cups of potatos, seasoning.
  • 1 cup vegies
  • 1 cup tea with lemon juice and artificial sweetner

During the entire day I will be drining 2.5 L of water and then performing a 30 minute excersize. The most difficult thing is the absense of salt and red meat for me. We must keep positive!

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