Day Three

The diet continues. Its really amazing how much salt is in everything. Serving sizes are much smaller than I realized too. This morning I had egg whites seasoned with a salt-free mixture of various herbs and a grapefruit. For a snack I have some shrimp and a slice of pineapple. For lunch I have some salad and a rice, chicken, brocceli, carrot and green onion mixture and for my afternoon snack more salad. Dinner is to be determined.

It is amazing how much this diet take up of my day and thoughts. I attribute this to the huge lifestyle change this requires. I am beginning to feel better though. My body iss going hrough detox. I am excited to have a clearer mind!

My hard drive should be in today. I am looking forward to reinstalling Windows XP again. I chose a couple things I regret from the last go around. Plus it will be nice to get rid of that noisy Western Digital and put in the Seagate hardware.

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