Craptastic Hardware

Somewhere along the line, someone decided that the millions of chipsets that are produced at VIA don’t need to be strictly PCI 2.2 compliant. I spent this weekend updating my home network. My puppy Kiko decided that the 100 foot LAN cable running from my cable modem to my router was fun to chew on. I suppose I could have replaced or even repaired the cable but the wireless solution seemed to solve more than just my broken connection. My wife would be relieved that the cable was gone and I wouldn’t trip over it every day.

Anyway, the Netgear WG311T netcard was my first choice. 108 Mbps type G, it was what I initially purchased. I would play Counter-Strike: Source for like 15 minutes and bam… hard freeze. I restart and same thing. After doing research, I find out that the 108 type wireless NIC cards have an issue with VIA chipsets. The NIC chipset by Atheros doesn’t communicate very well supposedly because of the PCI problem mentioned earlier under stress loads (like gaming).

So I took it back and got the 54g which features a T1 chipset. Works like a charm. It even has a better connection to the router. The numbers like 11, 54, and 108 are the transfer rates between other wireless computers on the network. 54 MB per second is enough for anyone. If folks bring over a computer to a LAN, I will simply either buy a couple USB wireless NICs to use or get a couple long cables to set up temporarily.

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