*cough* *gurgle*

I’ve been listening to Puls Radio out of Paris a lot lately. Check out their live stream. The aggressive techno tracks have been a welcome change. I have totally moved out of trance music. HHUK radio out of London seems like a lower quality transmission and gets a little too drab at times.

We spent a good deal of time browsing homes for sale and taking care of errands yesterday. I kind of regret taking the day off for it. It means longer hours and possibly less one day off this weekend. Ah, so is the working man’s life.

The Sony PSP looks like a pretty handy device. I am looking for an MP3 player and it may satisfy this need plus fulfill a few other wants. It comes with WLAN capabilities too. Speaking of Sony, they have patented a Matrix-like technology that uses focused sound waves to manipulate areas of the brain to stimulate virtual sounds, images, and sensations. It would be a cool development for gaming and would alleviate the need for any drastic brain surgury!

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