Cold Day

The temperature around here dropped. Its not freezing but I had to put on a jacket today. Last night we went to dinner at a place offering ribs cooked in a variety of BBQ sauces. It was good. I had a whiskey sour and although it was great it wasn’t all that bad either.

I have changed to an earlier version of DC++ because the most current version doesn’t support file list compression which is a problem for my favorite groups that I am a part of.

I am fascinated by this global drive to trust the fallable man as great protector of all that is good. I see it everywhere around me and once anything divine is removed from the moral and social fabric of society then nothing sacred will be of value to mankind. Why celebrate monogomy? Why prevent teen pregnancy? Why fight drug addiction? Why penalize murder? Why ensure equality? Why respect another? Why honor freedoms? These are all only valued with consequence and since mankind, through its selfish drive to remove all authority over it, has denounced any consequence, no values are held above another.

I suppose fear of another man will guide those that desire peace in their minds. Fear that 1 out of an increasing amount of billions may ill will towards that 1. But the fear is so shallow! What is honourable and beautiful in the open may be dark and incidious in the closed. Would it not be freeing to have 1 be the judge and consequator of 1?

Its amazing how science is this huge crutch that mankind seems to place all its faith into. Its amazing that the very fathers, no, the eldars of this religon of science themselves denounce it as a basis of belief in all that is real. The proof of divinity is all around us, they say, but mankinds enslavement to the world over shadows all truth.

And now that I have this off my chest, I move on.

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