I finally got my FTP site going. I need to do some more configuring but its pretty much set up. I wish it had more space but at a GB its seems enough for what I am doing with it. I will probably add more space when I get a better machine to be the server. I think right now its a 166 MHz machine. Pretty slow really.

I also want to clean up this site a little more. Although I probably don’t get many visitors, I want to be a portal to me. I think tonight I might do that. I spent last night setting up the FTP machine and continuing to work on my brother-in-laws machine. I want to get it done and out of my hair.

I haven’t seen my friends for a while. Its too bad. At least here at work there is some level of friendship; however artificial it may be under these circumstances. A co-worker is letting me borrow his copy of World of Warcraft to try out. After reading reviews and my wife being excited about it, I am afraid I may get sucked into it. Unfortunately for Sony Online, Everquest 2 has been more like work than a game. I haven’t played it in several days. Its a really pretty game and I enjoy it to have fun. We will see. I get bored with most games fairly quickly. Hearts of Iron 2 though has continued to be fun. I managed to remain at peace as Germany until 1940 so far. I have focused on research and building up a navy. I have had success in reseearching aircraft carriers and have 2 of them. I also let Czechoslovakia keep all their territory and let Poland keep Danzig. I think I may end up in a war against the Soviets. We will see.

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