Bleeding from every orifice?

Yep, another stooopid kid goes and kills a bunch of people today. Its too bad and my condolences go to the victims’ families. I have to admit anger though and the result of this act. It will be yet another thing the fascist groups can use in their agenda to disarm freedom loving people. More senseless emotionalism that leads to such wonderful (sarcasm) laws such as Prohibition, USAPatriot Act, Assault Weapons Ban 1994, etc. is the result of these unfortunate events. I marvel at the willingness of sheeple willing to hand over their liberties so quickly. What scares me even more is that millions of people are unaware that their freedoms are being eroded so quickly. As long as people with a poor understanding of the world around them continue to allow those in power to placate them with daily luxuries and propaganda, the future of freedom loving people is at stake indeed.

I spent the weekend helping my friends move. We organized their new garage and helped clean their old house. I had the pleasure of having the fella show me how to dicern the polarity of Ford speaker wires since Ford makes it terribly difficult to see without a voltmeter or using proprietary speakers.

I also met a guy who works at Intel. That was a neat conversation. I have been pondering my future schooling. He suggested computer engineering and it sounds very interesting.

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