Bland Weekend

This weekend was bland. The weather was crappy too. My wife was sick Friday and Saturday. It was a flu like illness. I am glad she is better now. My mother-in-law finally paid me for the computer I built for her son. She tried to explain her way out of the original asking price which disappointed me. The price didn’t include the hours I would spend loading software on it which I offered as a gift to him. The whole fiasco made me upset. You get a compute, you give money for it. Not only was there the issue of software but the whole deal was a sort of web. If I am negotiating a price on something and its not clear I contact this person and talk to them. Then the day before Christmas Eve I get a call and she decides she wants it so I spend the better half of Eve formatting, loading the OS, drivers, and configuring the computer. In the end I got the asking price but I felt the whole situation was sour.

Friend of mine came over and we went out to dinner at one of them rowdy sports bars. It was nice to sit and talk. She bought Kung-Fu, the series. I had seen some of it when I was younger. It was a blast from the past. She has gotten into oriental sword arts lately. I wish we had gone and seen a movie. Maybe next time.

I finally got my DVD camcorder to interact with my computer. I am running out of hard drive space. I really need a larger drive. I also need a DVD burner. I think I will be upgrading soon.

I didn’t get to jam this weekend. My wife was sick ad I stayed up late comforting her. The next day was nasty and there was frozen drops of rain falling (not snow, not hail) making driving dangerous.

I had a crazy dream last night. I woke up with my heart pounding. It went like this: I was walking through town and ran into a hot girl that worked with me at one time. We started flirting and one thing led to another when my wife showed up. At that moment everything seemed futile. Do I continue with the sin or run after my wife? I walk outside, fall to my knees, and look up into the sky and ask God to take me and I feel an immense rush of wind and leaves. The sky was grey and I see clouds in a shape of a bearded face. The eyes glow a fiery yellow. The cloud swoops down to me, almost instantly at my ear. That’s when I wake up.

Amazing. I was frightened yet grateful that there was a response from the heavens.

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