Bittersweet: Defeat with Benefits

Well I have been having minor problems with my Internet at home lately. Last night it culminated in a tyraid: in my mind. I think something is wrong with my router configuration. There will be lost packets or “modem reboots” every so often. I can’t connect to websites or my FTP connections but I can log into the router. It was especially frustrating because sometimes it’d happen once and I didn’t even notice and sometimes it would happen over and over. Finally I decided to check my X-Box since I want to blame the wireless connection. Nope, my X-Box will report no connection found being connected directly to the router. I unplug my X-Box and have a steady connection for several hours. Odd I think, so I reconfigure my router and added the X-Box to my MAC filter and it fixed it. Also, my Dreamweaver application is having problems locating my host so I end up having to use Passive FTP. Its odd that things have steadily gotten to this point. Maybe my X-Box was confusing things in my router.

I played “Brothers in Arms” last night for a little while. It was really fun. I enjoy the iron sites aiming feature. The game seems like it has an okay story line. We also rented “Shaun of the Dead”… again. My wife hasn’t seen it yet so I have to show it to her.

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