Birthday! Will it be happy or sad?

Yes I turn 26 today.

I am now a little over “halfway to dead”.

Actually, I need to stop saying that. I plan on living to 125 so really, I am a 5th of the way to dead. I figure that death comes to those at the time they expect it unless they are unexpectedly sick, in an accident, or God decides its time. So if I keep telling myself I will die at 125, why wouldn’t I?

“The hypothesis tested by one man’s life”

So I need to now find a group of people willing to help me test the hypothesis. And no, saying you will die in 5 years won’t work. It takes years of conditioning. I think that when the body gets old it gets weak and willing to give in to death.

Anyway, its another year for me. I haven’t heard from anyone recently. My friend in the USAF replied to an e-mail from me. That made me happy. I haven’t heard form him much.

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