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Well there have been some exciting updates lately in the games I play. Day of Defeat: Source Beta had a fairly aggressive update that updated some gross bugs, fixed syncing in sounds and graphics, and redid the menu system. There is more but I am sure that those details aren’t of interest unless you play the game yourself. EQ2 is adding an in-game mail system. That will be a huge change that will make playing with companions easier.

I finally have my own soldering iron. Its portable and uses butane. I installed and soldered in the wires for the speakers in the rear for my car. That was fun. I will be doing the same for the front speakers too. Probably tomorrow.

We have been looking at houses and found a beautiful home on an acre out in Lakebay, WA but that was too far. We need to be closer to civilization. Besides, with our plans of school and careers, we need to have easy access to things if our schedules only get more complicated.

I have been fairly tired today. Although we have been eating this really healthy food… Its a lifestyle change. Yesterday we wanted to go out for dinner and take a break from cooking. I am crashing because of the load of carbs I had yesterday. Its making me incredibly tired and lacking energy. Its interesting to see how my body reacts to different foods and how all the chemicals and hormones interact. I used to get really angry and irritated when I got hungry… Probably an imbalance in insulin levels and that has since gone away.

Man it feels good to be healthy. I might not be at my ideal body weight yet, but over time I know I will be.

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