Back to work?

I went and saw “Downfall” twice this weekend. That movie made a huge impression on me. My friend has already posted on it and summarized it well so you can see it here. Let’s see… its recommended viewing full price at the treatre. I saw it twice and on a scale of 10 I give it 10.

We stopped by a pub and had a beer and had dinner at Olympic Pizza. It was really good pizza. We also stopped by a beer store that sold a lot of imports.

The transition to my new host is complete and the URL and all pages work fine. I am pleased to announce a gallery that has been put in place. I have a folder with pics from our “13 Hour Road Trip”, our pets, and our Christmas tree hunt this last winter. It turns out really well. I was worried about finding an efficient way to post many pics. The cool little PHP gallery did it fine.

I also added all my current music projects to the files area. That area is still not finished. I think for those I will make a link page.

Hopefully my speakers I ordered from Sonic Electronix for my car arrive today. Our friends moved into their new house this weekend. I like the area and the garage. The yard is good for the family but the house is a little small I feel. I am glad though, that they are finally putting their efforts into something of their own.

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