Another Great Night

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday, so my wife’s mom and sister come up and we take her to a really nice dinner. The place is way over priced. Its called the Yacht Club Broiler. You can check out the menu. As you can see its ridiculously expensive for Silverdale. The only thing going for it is the location. Right on the water with a great view of the bay. I didn’t care for the marinade they used on my steak.

After that we went to a friend’s house and watched a movie called “Spanglish”. It was funny with some good moments. The writing in it was fabulous but the overall story and movie in itself was lacking. That’s not fair to say though. Its a small snip into a family’s life which some may enjoy. Finally, one Adam Sandler feature I can stand. I would say its a solid movie rental that you should definitely check out. The night before we watched “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” which was very interesting in visuals and the character portrayals but terrible as far as entertainment. It dragged on and was very predictable. I think this is also a rental but not something you have to see. “Meet the Fockers” was boring. Wait for it to appear on TV. The acting was poor and so was the plot. I don’t really care for the semite humor. We can be funny without it.

Its been a while since we started our diet. It goes really well. We have made a few concessions. For one, egg whites get boring really fast. We compromised by buying organic, free range eggs which are lower in fat but taste better. Also, we buy some low fat milks and hard cheeses like Pecorino Romano which is a wonderful, full flavored cheese.

I came to work at 11 today. I try to be here by 9. But it was hard to get out of bed. I slept really well last night. Maybe a beer or two before bed is working well for me. I never want to use alcohol as a crutch or drug myself asleep. I have seen too many families destroyed by drugs, alcohol and sex. I invite anyone who is dabbling in any of this stuff to self-medicate, escape or whatever the reason: come and visit West Park or other homes around this area and see the effects of escapism, experimentation, lack of moral foundation, apathy or whatever other excuse has been used to justify the support of this behavior. Buying or using mind altering substances has never caused any break throughs at any level. Its not innocent. Its ugly, unnatural, and sad. Giving a supplier or someone at a party the reason to go buy or sell more of this crap only creates more reason to keep this stuff flowing. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has the right to make these choices. Its just my humble opinion that uninhibited drugs, sex and alcohol never made anything better for anyone.

I finally brought my headphoens to work. I have a good time listening to various stations on my start page. I have been stuck on Puls Radio for a long time. Rant Radio makes a couple come back here and there.

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