Advice: Worth Giving?

Sometimes in our lives we have people approach us asking for advice. Everything from relationships to car repair tips. What I like about giving advice sometimes is that I view it as input into a larger formula that will eventually solve that person’s problem. Or at least confuse them more. I know material advice is easiest to give but potentially can be costly for the person. Chances are that the person asking would’ve made similar mistakes in attempting to resolve the issue and the cost would be the same. Relational advice, or non material advice is more complex. Often times you are guessing at what the symptoms of the problem are so it makes giving even harder. Plus giving the wrong advice could be devastating to a person.

So I err on the side of caution and make observations. I point out the obvious and discuss what others’ have done in similar situations.

A huge update came out for EQ2 today. Lots of fixes and additions. Hearts of Iron 2, a sequal to a great strategy game, shipped today as well. I am looking forward to that. Also, my friend who works at Valve play tested Day of Defeat: Source and said that it was good but a few bugs needed to be worked out. There were some changes though that made the game different. I am worried about it because he couldn’t explain what he meant by “different” but he did mention the weapons being a little weird.

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