A Revelation; Perhaps Simple

This weekend was good. I mean, I think the chatters phrase “meh” works well. I finally got to do my Palladin quest in EQ2, paid bills, etc. I saw a movie this weekend. Through my lifetime I have seen 3 types of movies. They are “bad” movies (EX: Papirazzi & Club Dread), “okay” movies (EX: Blade & Finding Nemo) and finally “recommended viewing” (EX: Saving Private Ryan & Phantom of the Opera). I really can’t stand when someone says a movie is good because it sets a precedent. A movie that is recommended is one that is worth 2 hours of your life to view and experience. Perhaps you will hate it, but its worth seeing. That is up for discussion because what is worth seeing is relative. So am I tricking myself here? At least the term along with a brief (and brief I mean in the strictest of sense (EX: The Pianist; movie about a Jewish pianist in his struggle to survive in German occupied Waraw.)) is is neutral in emotion but offers the filter that this movie is not crap. *sigh* My head hurts because I realize the hint of relative perspective killing my argument.

I viewed a movie this weekend called “Zelary”. It is recommended viewing. In Czech with English subtitles, it is the story of a woman and her escape from the Gestapo into the arms of an unexpected love.

It strikes me how I live and have lived life almost exclusively addressing my feelings and those whom I love dearest. I think, I love, I breath, I feel. How much do I understand that everyone around me does the same?

And that revelation blows my mind. At the same time that it makes me feel incredibly small, it lifts a huge burden off me. When I imagine my friends working, talking and driving home alone: they are thinking about random things like I do. I think I come closest to emotionally understanding this concept with my wife. So if everyone feels the same ways (roughly and with exceptions), then I realize the huge potential humanity has for progress whether it be philosophically, scientifically, or artistically.

This idea that my parents love, feel, think, and breath also illuminates my relationship with them. I can’t say that I suddenly have a perfect understanding, but it puts their actions, the motives and other things that happen in perspective to my own wishes and thoughts. One day I will be them and my children will be me and they will think the same way. Or will they? My guess is yes because this would explain the huge gap between teens and parents when it comes to communication and understanding.

I have begun to play my piano. Its a humble start. I have played before off and on, but not seriously and outside of jamming with the rock band. I haven’t sat down and practiced for a while either. Teaching this fella piano has reinvigored this desire to play. I have brought revived some old and new music. The piano needs to be tuned, and the keys need to be refinished, but the sound of the old piano is mature and the action is fair. In no particular order:

  • Sinding – Rustle of Spring
  • Sibelious – Romance
  • Chopin – 3 Polonaises, a Nocturne and a Sonata
  • Rachmoninoff – Etude
  • Beethoven – Sonata
  • Schumann – Impromptu
  • Czerny – 8 Measure Studies
  • Scales!

It is an intimidating list but I like having a variety of things to work on. I usually practive two or three and then play through a couple others. I decided against the Greig and Chopin concertos, the Liszt Etude, the Chopin Ballades and Waltzes, and other things I have played until I work my dexterity and strength up with this music. My hands tired when playing the Schumann this weekend and it scared me. It is long over due to get these rusty hands and this lost talent back into shape. With my music writing combined I feel it’d be a waste, especially since it fills a huge part of my soul to play music. I really hope to make practive time regularly.

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